Happy Birthday Delilah

Happy Birthday my angel – you have been the driving force behind this project.  You have inspired me to continue my healing, but it reaches far beyond that.  Through you and your story, we have helped others by giving hope and support to those who are missing a part of their heart too.

I will be forever in awe of the impact that you have and will do my best to continue to engage others in these difficult conversations, walk with them through their grief, and fight hard against the stigma that surrounds discussing such sadness, and all that comes as an after effect, to turn it into something that gives others hope.  Just like you have done for me.

With love always.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Delilah

  1. Happy Birthday, Sweet Angel. I was at Starbucks this morning and you (a perfect) unknown to me, stranger, picked up part of my tab. Thank you. Only the bravest and most spirited angels give others gifts on their birthday. It is an honor to know you. ❤

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