Chicago Promise Walk

I was honored to speak this past Sunday at the Pre-eclampsia Foundation’s Chicago Promise Walk.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day to enjoy Busse Woods & to make an impact in awareness for the foundation.  Sharing my story was somewhat difficult with the flood of memories that returned as I was speaking, but I also knew that I was in a place where a great deal of the audience had a similar experience, if not worse, battling Preeclampsia. 

Teams of walkers/runners and their families and friends hit the course because they were survivors, or in honor of those they had lost.  It was there that it sunk in that this condition effects so many people… Many silently battle or find out too late that they have it, and it strikes without rhyme or reason.  My story is just one story, and I am so proud to be a survivor. I will look forward to working with the Preeclampsia Foundation to spread awareness so that others will recognize the signs and we will continue to support the families whose lives have been effected by this puzzling, chaotic condition.  (For more info on the condition, please go here:

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